Theme Parties

We are the best tent house and caterers for any function/party for last 10 years in Gurgaon.

All of our themes include the big elements you’ll need to create a great entrance or memorable photos. The packages include all the major decorations you’ll need, and at less than it would cost to buy the items separately. Add fabulous background materials to the walls, ceilings and tables and you’re set. Decorating curtains, available in more than 20 colors and 15 patterns, are a cheap way to add a pop of color to any room. We can get your party off to a great start even before it begins with our selection of hundreds of custom invitations, many created to coordinate with our themes. If you don’t find one that’s perfect, you can design your own and at the same low cost as the rest of our invitations.

A theme party starts off with a theme based invitation and ends with a gift bag which is a memory that your guests take back home. We at Untumble strive to achieve a wholesome experience to a theme party by building a complete theme pack from Invitations to a gift bag. Below are the areas covered in our offerings

Themes are picked not only for birthday parties but also for baby showers, engagements, weddings, retirements, bachelor and just any other occasion.